Project management and project controlling: A definition.

In accordance with the professional regulations of the "German Association of Project Managers" the task of 'project management/project controlling' can be described as follows:

Client functions during project preparation:

  • Definition of general goals of the project. What is to be built where?
  • Determination of cost framework
  • Determination of the building's quality specifications
  • Choice of project organization
  • Choice of planners and construction companies
  • Determination of deadlines
  • Drawing up of contracts

Client interests during construction work:

  • Quality controlling with regard to building work
  • Adherence to pre-determined costs
  • Timely commissioning

From these functions / interests the client accords assignments to the project manager, who acts as a service provider for the developer / general contractor. However, all decisions relating to key areas of responsibility are taken by the relevant client